Customer Feedback Form

Westernport Water is a state government owned utility, providing water and wastewater services to communities on Phillip Island and the mainland from The Gurdies on Westernport south to Archies Creek.

We are currently preparing our five-year Water Plan which outlines major projects, capital expenditure and pricing for our customers from 1 July 2013 to 30 June 2018 (Water Plan 3).

Once finalised this Plan is submitted for approval to the Essential Services Commission (ESC), the economic regulator of the water, gas and electricity sectors in Victoria.

To help us prepare our plan, we want to know your thoughts on the following proposals on the structure of our charges and introduction of Guaranteed Service Levels.

Following customer consultation we will make our draft version of Water Plan 3 available in June 2012 for further public comment and discussion.

We appreciate your time in responding to this feedback form, if you have any questions please contact Geoff Russell Communications and Media Manager on (03) 5956 4140 or email enquiries to