* 1. When considering where you would most like to live (either now or after you retire), how important are these factors to you? (Assume that living near your job is NOT a factor.)

  Very important Somewhat important Nice, but not necessary Not important
Proximity to loved ones
Cost of living
Quality of and proximity to healthcare
LGBT or LGBT-friendly health services (doctors, care facilities, etc.)
Cultural amenities (theatres, concerts, museums, etc.)
Recreational amenities (golf, tennis, hiking, etc.)
A place where same-sex marriages are legally recognized
LGBT community (i.e. there are businesses, social organizations, churches, etc. that serve primarily LGBT people)
Political climate
Presence of diverse people (of all types)
Concentration of other seniors
Good public transportation
Proximity to major airport
Low taxes
Appreciating property values

* 2. Are you planning to move to a different city after you retire, or have you already moved?

* 3. How appealing is each of these types of places to live after you retire?

  Very appealing Somewhat appealing Tolerable Definitely not
A large city
A suburb or within an hour of a large city
A medium-sized city
A small town
A remote or rural area
An island
Near a beach
Near a body of water (not a beach)
On the road, exploring the country/world

* 4. Do you think you might maintain more than one residence for seasonal migration?

* 5. Are you considering moving to another country after you retire, or have you already moved to another country?

* 6. How much are you concerned about these factors regarding your retirement?

  Very concerned Somewhat concerned Confident Haven't thought about it
Having sufficient financial resources
Having things to do (not being bored)
Having companionship
Feeling fulfilled / having a purpose
Being happy about where I live
Having help available when I need it
Declining health
Overall happiness with life

* 7. How do you identify yourself? (Optional, check all that apply)