We value your input and feedback, as it continually helps us to improve the Summer on the Summit experience at Sugar Bowl. Please take a few minutes to share your thoughts with us.

* 1. In general, how was your Summer on the Summit experience at Sugar Bowl this year? What did you like and/or not like about it?

* 2. How important to you are the following activities and programs at Summer on the Summit?

  Not at all Important Somewhat Important Very Important
Lake Mary Dining
Guided Hikes
Daily Yoga
Kids Adventure Camps
Movie Night
Wine Tasting
Overnight Lodging for Campers

* 3. When considering additional activities for Summer on the Summit, please rank the following in order of attractiveness to you, from most attractive to least.

  Most Attractive Somewhat Least Attractive
Biking at Royal Gorge
Hiking at Royal Gorge
Live Music
Yoga at Lake Mary Cabin
Bingo Night
Casino night
Organized Sports

* 4. If your child or children participated in the Adventure Camp sessions, please provide us with your thoughts on the camps

* 5. If you were to suggest additional activites or programming for your kid's camp experience, what would it be?

* 6. Was the registration, check-in and pick-up process to your satisfaction?

* 7. Are you planning on registering your child/children again for the 2014 adventure camps?

* 8. Thank you for your comments & feedback. Should you have any additional thoughts or wish to provide us with contact info for follow-up, please enter it here. Many thanks, and we look forward to seeing you on the slopes soon!