This year the country reports are based on a theme – that is migration of General Practitioners (GPs) and Family Doctors (FDs) around Europe. European Union(EU)/European Economic Area (EEA) medical qualifications are accepted within EU/EEA by licensing authorities to facilitate free movement of professionals.

Some European countries experience movement of GPs/FDs in or out of their countries. The migration process for GPs /FDs can be complicated by variations in GP training and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) across Europe.

This survey is an exploration of this topic to see if there are perceived problems with migration of GPs / FDs within Europe. Is movement truly free? Are there restrictions or obstacles? If so are these professional, legalistic, due to lack of information or standardisation?

The results of this survey will be announced at the WONCA Europe Council Meeting in Istanbul. It will help WONCA Europe Executive Board to determine whether member organisations believe there is a problem, to decide if we need further analysis of your issues and what the next step should be towards finding practical solutions.


You may forward this survey to other relevant people in your organisation / country as we are happy to accept up to 10 responses from one country.

Please ensure there is at least one response from your country.

Questions marked with an * are compulsory.

* 2. Is there significant migration of GPs into your country?

* 3. Is there significant migration of GPs out of your country?

* 4. Are there problems in the process of letting GPs in?

* 5. Are there problems with sending GPs out?

* 6. Is General Practice/Family Medicine a recognised specialty in your country?

* 7. If Yes to Question 5, what are the benefits of this specialty status?

* 8. If Yes to Question 5, what are the problems with this specialty status?

* 9. If No to Question 5, what are the benefits of GP/FM not having specialty status?

* 10. If No to Question 5, what are the problems of GP/FM not having specialty status?

* 11. Is there mandatory Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for GPs in your country?

* 12. Do you wish WONCA Europe to work together with UEMO for European specialty recognition of GP/FM in the European Union/European Economic Area?

* 13. Do you think it is appropriate for WONCA Europe to work towards harmonization of training and CPD standards in the European Union /European Economic Area?

* 14. Any additional comments/feedback?