Within Our Lifetime (WOL), believes as we collectively think about how to build the infrastructure of our Network, we need baseline data regarding funding of our racial equity and healing work, as well as our funding relationships. We are requesting your organization to share basic funding data as well as candidly share their perspectives and experiences with foundations anonymously through completing the survey. The information will only be reported back in aggregated format, no individual responses will be shared. Your individual responses will be kept confidential.

In our email invitation, we included a copy of the survey questions so you have the information handy when you complete the survey. The survey will take approximately 20 minutes to complete. Please share as much data, perspectives and stories as you can so we can all learn what is happening with the current racial justice funding.

We appreciate your time and candor. We believe this is an important starting point for racial equity and racial healing community to understand our funding infrastructure in order to continue building our collective work for racial justice. WOL commits to providing a full report of survey findings to our network, share recommendations on next steps, and offer strategic questions for us to discuss.

If you have any questions, contact Maggie Potapchuk, WOL Leadership Team, mpotapchuk@mpassociates.us

Deadline March 21st 

Thank you!