Wilderness Trip Hike Leader Instructor Training Application

Thanks for your interest in becoming a Wilderness Trip Hike Leader instructor with Hike Ontario. Please let us know more about you.

* 1. First Name:

* 2. Last Name:

* 3. Mailing/Home address:

* 4. Primary phone:

* 5. Email:

* 6. Are you a member of an outdoors/hiking club or trail association?

* 7. To be accepted for Wilderness Trip Hike Leader Instructor training, an ideal candidate possesses these qualifications:

*Is a certified Hike Ontario Wilderness Overnight Hike Leader
*Is a current Hike Ontario Wilderness Day Hike Leader Instructor
*Is active in planning and taking wilderness-level hikes (i.e. can demonstrate significant experience in Wilderness Overnight Trips)
*Has current Wilderness First Aid and Level C CPR

If you do not currently have all 4 qualifications, please still complete the form and a Hike Ontario representative will contact you to discuss your potential qualification.

* 8. Please list your 5 most recent wilderness overnight hikes on which you were an organizing and active lead hiker. State the location, trail, distance, duration, number of hikers you lead, rating of terrain and pace.

* 9. The following people can validate the experience I have listed. (please provide name, how they are associated with you, an email and a phone number to reach them)

* 10. Please use this space to tell us more about yourself as it would relate to being a Hike Ontario Wilderness Trip Hike Leader Instructor.

* 11. I can do my training class/I will be able to give classes in or near (click all that apply):

* 12. How did you find out about Hike Ontario?