The Municipality of Wentworth-Nord thinks that guaranteeing our residents a reliable high speed internet service is very important. 

We would like you to help us gather some basic facts and figures about the internet service to which you currently subscribe; please take a few minutes to provide us information that will help us in discussions with potential internet service providers.

We will not share your personal information; only overall averages, summaries and trends from the entire survey will be shared.

Even if you do not currently subscribe to an internet service there are a couple of questions for you to answer.

Filling out the survey will help everyone obtain a better internet service...sooner rather than later

* 1. Do you feel satisfied with the high speed internet service you are currently being provided with?

* 2. Would you be prepared to pay more for an internet service that would guarantee a reliable service capable of consistently providing for all your needs?

* 3. How much are you currently paying for your internet service? Please include the amount without taxes.

* 4. Who is your internet service provider?

* 5. Please indicate your Name and address, this data will not be shared with anyone outside of the Municipal administration however the information will serve to validate our survey results.

* 6. If you are at your residence in Wentworth-Nord, please run a speed test on your internet connection and let us know your download speed.
Just go to and then press the big GO button.

* 7. Would you like to be kept up to date on the progress with the high speed internet project? If yes, please enter your email in the box below.