This survey is to be filled out by individuals who are 18 years of age or over at the time of the survey. Cannabis refers to products made from the leaves and flowers of the cannabis plant. You may have also heard it called marijuana or pot. Cannabis can be smoked, used with a vaporizer, or added to food or drinks. The federal government has stated that in July 2018, cannabis will be legal across Canada for personal use. Legalizing cannabis is a complicated process that has multiple impacts.

The province has indicated that Cannabis consumption will be restricted to protect children and to limit exposure to second hand smoke, as such smoking or vaping cannabis will be banned everywhere that smoking or vaping tobacco products is banned provincially, including hospital grounds, public and private school properties and within five meters of areas frequented by children such as playgrounds, child care facilities, sports fields, skate board parks, outdoor pools and splash parks and public washrooms. The Government of Alberta has proposed that Albertans will be allowed to consume cannabis in their homes and in some public places where smoking and vaping tobacco is allowed. Municipal governments may have the ability to further regulate where cannabis can be consumed, grown and sold. The village currently does not have a smoking bylaw to regulate smoking over and above the provincial legislation.

In order to make the most informed decision on potential regulations, the Village of Wabamun would like your opinion on the following issues:

* 1. PUBLIC CONSUMPTION - Do you believe these provincial regulations noted above are sufficient to deal with the consumption of cannabis in public and that the municipality does not need to add further regulations to deal with public consumption?

* 2. PUBLIC CONSUMPTION - Under the Government of Alberta's Gaming and Liquor Act, people can only consume alcohol in a private residence, or in a licensed premise, such as a bar, lounge, or restaurant. Consuming alcohol in public places (buildings open to the public, streets and vehicles) is prohibited. In your opinion, should the rules regarding consumption of cannabis in public places be similar to those regulating alcohol consumption in public places?

* 3. CANNABIS LOUNGES - Initially, venues specific for consuming cannabis will not be permitted. However, Bill 26 provides the Government of Alberta with authority to license these types of establishments in the future. It is expected that this issue will be re-explored once the system for cannabis is established and guidelines for edible cannabis products have been set by the federal government. If provincial regulations eventually do allow for this, do you support allowing a commercial venue or venues in the village which allow cannabis consumption in the form of smoking or vaping where no person under 18 is allowed, similar to a tavern but solely for the purpose of cannabis consumption?

* 4. RETAIL OUTLETS - In Alberta, liquor stores are allowed to operate between 10 am and 2 am, seven days a week. The maximum hours for cannabis retail outlets will be regulated provincially in a similar fashion. Should cannabis retail stores operating in the Village be allowed to be open during those same hours if they desire?

* 5. RETAIL OUTLETS - If you answered yes to Question 4 skip to Question 6, if you answered no or not sure to Question 4 do you think retail outlets should be more restricted in the hours they are able to operate

* 6. RETAIL OUTLETS - When the Cannabis Act is passed the Government of Alberta intends to protect children and vulnerable persons by prohibiting cannabis retail operations from operating within a 100 meter radius of schools and public health care facilities, do you think this distance is sufficient to safeguard children and vulnerable persons.

* 7. SURVEY PARTICIPANTS - Are you a full time resident of the Village of Wabamun

* 8. SURVEY PARTICIPANTS - What of the following age categories applies to you?


* 10. Please complete by Friday, June 1, 2018 at 4pm. Additional information can also be found online on our website at Thank you for completing our survey, your input is vital to ensuring our regulations, if any, are reflective of the wishes of our residents.