* 1. In the past year how often have you used the Electronic Resources available through the Juneau Public Libraries? (Found under E-Research tab at juneau.org/library. These resources include article/journal databases, downloadable ebooks,audiobooks and music, financial investment and geneology tools)

* 2. If you have used an Electronic Resource from the Juneau Public Libraries in the past year, which resource(s) have you used?

* 3. If you have used an Electronic Resource, how would you describe your experience? Scale represents "Ease of Use" or "User Experience". Please list any barriers to use or specific difficulties you've had in the comments area.

  Very difficult to use Somewhat difficult to use Average difficulty level Easy to use Very easy to use

* 4. In the past year have you encountered promotional material or been informed or instructed by library staff about the Electronic Resources available to you as a member of the Juneau Public Libraries?

* 5. Is there a resource that you have seen available in other libraries or that you feel is missing from our collection that you would like to see available at JPL?

* 6. If workshops were offered by library staff in the use of the library's Electronic Collections would you be interested in attending?