Update on Water NSW Allowances Proposals

Thank you to all those members who completed the survey on Allowances, and who forwarded to colleagues as well.

Your feedback has been presented to management and most of the issues are now resolved. Your contributions directly helped to keep the First Aid allowance and to require management to genuinely consider a reimbursement of costs listing the minimum of what can be claimed.

There are two allowances which most members indicated they wanted to keep, which we need more feedback on. 

Remote Area Allowance and Travel Allowance for Remote Living.

When State Water Corp developed their first Enterprise Agreement these two Allowances were removed and people who received them had their salaries increased by an equivalent amount.

If Water NSW was to keep these allowances for those who receive them, they claim they need to reduce other people’s salaries to bring back that allowance.

The proposal by Water NSW was to increase the salaries for anyone currently receiving the allowance from DPI Water. The alternative is to maintain the allowance for those who get it, although grandfathered with no more people getting the allowance.

Please let your Bargaining Team know what you would prefer to have happen with these allowances and which option you prefer. Your collective decision will be reported to Water NSW and we will strongly defend whatever members decide.

Question Title

* 1. What would you like to see happen to the Remote Area Allowance and Travel Allowance for Living in Remote Areas?