Voting on Water NSW Allowances Proposal

Water NSW has proposed to change and remove many of the allowances. Members are asked to respond to the following survey and vote on these proposals. The collective decision by members will then be taken back to Water NSW negotiations.
This is your decision to decide what you want in your enterprise agreement. Please take the time to let the CPSU NSW know how you want your Union to respond to managements offer regarding allowances.

The folliowing are the proposals by Water NSW. Please vote in support of their proposals, against their proposals or other options as provided.

All responses are confidential and individual responses will not be linked to people.

* 1. To make sure people only vote once, please enter your email address

* 2. Are you a member of the CPSU NSW? (Members of the CPSU NSW are also members of the PSA)

* 3. Language Allowance, when language other than English is used for work - whichever is higher (this is keeping the status quo and extending to all employees)

* 4. Higher Duties Allowance
Entry level at the next Grade or min 5% allowances for 5 days or more (managers must seek approval)
Temporary arrangements/secondment for 30 days or more
(note, currently Water NSW has 'put a hold' on higher duties. This is likely to continue with managers required to seek approval each time for unusual circumstances. Water NSW intends for additional duties to be 'reallocated' to other staff rather than use higher duties)

* 5. Remote Areas Allowances - for living in remote areas of NSW
The proposal is to increase the individual salary for those employees receiving this allowance, and no longer offer this allowances to anyone again.
Benefits: leave entitlements and superannuation will be at the higher rate
Detriments: may move you into Legacy Range or Above Range, and limit pay rises to 1% or 0%

* 6. First Aid and Fire Warden Allowance
The proposal is to remove these allowances - all employees will be offered first aid courses, and employees are expected to contribute to the ongoing wellbeing of other people through the goodness of their hearts
Management of first aid resources and other duties may or may not be dealt with by managers
Allowance is around $866-$1301 pa

* 7. Local Coordinator Allowance (including building management)
Water NSW proposes to remove, and continue for anyone currently on it until transfer of function can be organised

* 8. Rosters
Keep penalty rates, but allow management to structure rosters as needed

* 9. On Call and Stand By Allowance
Water NSW is proposing $20 per weekday, and $100 per weekend day
SWC is currently $135 -$140 per week
DPI is currently 0.92c per hour
SCA is 2 hours pay for weekdays, 8 hours pay for weekends

* 10. Firefighting Allowances
Water NSW is proposing no change, keep as it is
Currently this is discretionary special leave, approved each time, unlimited

* 11. Camping Allowance & Camping Equipment Allowance
Is used in lieu of accommodation. Water NSW is insisting 3 star or more accommodation is used, so this is no longer needed or will be used

* 12. Day Meal Allowances (is used in certain circumstances when travelling long distances without an overnight stay)
Water NSW is proposing to remove, as they find it unclear. All meals are covered by travelling allowance already, when overnight trips are required

* 13. Travel Arrangements (as per ATO rates, and current practices)
Water NSW proposing to keep them as they are, no change

* 14. Overseas Travel Allowance
Water NSW proposing to remove as they claim there is no overseas travel

* 15. Supervision Allowance ($30 a day, from SWC)
Used when supervision duties are added to someone who normally doesn't supervise
Water NSW wants to remove this as they claim its no longer relevant

* 16. Remote Recreation Allowance
when traveling over 480km, up to $703 for up to 2850km or similar 
Water NSW proposes to roll this into the employee’s salary.
Benefits: Leave entitlements and super will be at the higher rate
Detriments: may move you into a Legacy Grade or Above Grade, and limit future pay rises to 0% or 1%.
It would also prevent this from being available to anyone else in the future.

* 17. Licenses - employer pays for drivers, boat or firearms licence where the position requires it
Water NSW wants to remove this and place it in ‘reimbursement policy’. 
A policy is not enforceable, and discretionary. There is no reimbursement clause being proposed so employees wont easily know what can be claimed, and all claims are on the employers discretion and not an enforceable entitlement.

* 18. Uniform, PPE and Laundry
Water NSW wants these remove and to go into policy. Any laundry expense to be paid by employee who may claim it as a tax deduction.
SCA and DPI have a requirement that the employer provide (at employers cost) protective clothing (PPE) or uniforms and provided a laundry allowance for cleaning/maintaining them, unless it’s specialise where the employer will pay for cleaning and maintainence.

* 19. Home Office
Provides an allowance of $909pa when its agreed an employee is bestplaced to work from home as there is no formal office nearby or suitable
Water NSW proposes to remove this, and address it through reimbursement policy

* 20. Private vehicle use
rates provided on a per km basis using ATO rates
Water NSW proposing to keep this as is

* 21. Damage to private vehicle
Water NSW wants to remove this, and rely on reimbursement policy only. Policies are not enforceable, subject to change and discretionary

* 22. Garage and Car Port Allowance
This only applies if an employee is provided a car, and is required to keep the car at home and safe for the benefit of the employer
Water NSW wants to remove this, as they see the use of the car as enough of a benefit for the employee

* 23. Staff Exchange
Requires the department to cover the costs
Water NSW wants to remove this and rely on the reimbursement policy. Policies are not enforceable, subject to change and discretionary. 

* 24. Semi-official phone 
Where an employee is required to have one, and not provided by the department costs are reimbursed 
Water NSW wants to remove this, rely on mobile phones issued by Water NSW or have employees claim the costs through the reimbursement policy

* 25. Flying allowance
If required to fly in small plane for work purposes (ie, inspections)
$20.20 per hour paid in addition to everything else.
Water NSW wants to remove this completely

* 26. Loss or damage to person equipment
Requires employer to pay to repair or replace items damaged by the employer, another employee, while at work; by defect; or if employee was trying to protect the employers property, and the employers insurance wont cover it
Water NSW wants to remove this and rely the reimbursement policy.

* 27. Relocation
where the employer requires employee to relocate, all costs associated are covered as per clause.
Water NSW wants this removed, and does not have provision to relocate employees. Similary provisions for reimbursement are in policy but only available by discretion, and not where an employee chooses to move (unless agreed to by the employer)

* 28. Foraging allowance for horses
an allowance for employees required to work with horses. Water NSWis proposing to remove this allowance

* 29. Expense reimbursement
Water NSW is proposing to put this into policy. Policies are not enforceable, subject to change and are discretionary. 
CPSU NSW recommends that a comprehensive expense reimbursment clause is included in the agreement, including many of the allowances described above

* 30. Extended working away from home
Unless provided by the employer, employees shall be compensated for accomodation, provided an allowance for meals  and incidentals, for the first 35 days.
After 35 days the allowance is 50% off the normal travel allowances up to 6 months.
alternatively the employer may make other arrangements to cover the additional living expenses reasonably occurred.
there are also entitlements for returning home, and special leave to enable time at home.
Water NSW wants to remove this, and use local policies to manage the issue. It is not clear if new employees as part of their contract may be required to work away from home for extended periods without any support.
Water NSW also wants to use the individual flexibility arrangements (which vary the terms of the agreement) to accomodate there requests including adding a new allowance negotiated individually. The IFA clause allows variations to the enterprise agreement and not the introduction of new terms and this feedback was provided.