Survey Introduction

Welcome to the National Nonprofit Sustainability and Succession Survey.

Organizational sustainability is key to consistent, long-term mission results and effectiveness for nonprofit organizations. Research indicates that the intersection of leadership, strategy, resources and culture is the place where organizational sustainability is advanced or weakened, with leadership being an absolutely essential ingredient. Research also shows that approximately 1 in 10 nonprofit CEO positions turn over each year, and turnover is rising as Boomer generation executives retire. Leadership transitions are inevitable - it is simply a matter of when, how, and how well the transition is managed. Moreover, the recession is causing many nonprofits to rethink their strategy and business models.

Planning for leadership succession and continuity is essential to ensure organizational sustainability and is a key responsibility of all executive managers in nonprofit organizations. This survey is designed to gather information about the state of organizational sustainability and leadership succession among leading nonprofits in the United States. The data will help us provide you - the nonprofit leader - with insights about the organizational sustainability and succession planning that you can use to develop a stronger, more sustainable future for your nonprofit.

ALL RESPONSES ARE COMPLETELY CONFIDENTIAL. Only TransitionGuides and McGladrey LLP will have access to the raw data, and only aggregate data and non-attributed comments will be reported.

All participants will receive:
1) A summary report of the survey findings
2) An opportunity to participate in a national webinar to discuss the findings with leaders in this field
3) Feedback on your organization’s strengths and aspirations and how you benchmark with other organizations
4) A tool to use with your Board and managers to advance sustainability and succession discussions
5) A sample chief executive Emergency Backup Plan to be adapted to your organization

Thanks for taking the time to respond!

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