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Thank you for taking the time to complete this form for Women's Equality Network Wales – you have been asked to complete this short survey as you are involved with an organisation that is working on women's issues in Wales in some way. If you would like to complete the survey in Welsh, please click here:

This comprehensive audit aims to identify and collate information regarding women’s groups and networks working at national, regional and local levels. This database will allow WEN Wales to better serve the women’s sector as we will use the information gathered to better facilitate and coordinate communication across the sector; to signpost individuals and organisations to services and resources; inform Welsh Government of the work that is happening across Wales; and, to improve partnership working within the sector.

* 1. Contact Details

* 2. What would you say is the main purpose of your organisation/group? For example, what are your key aims and objectives?

* 3. So we can match you up with prospective partners and funding streams, we need to know which Local Authority areas you cover - please select the relevant areas from the options below: 

* 5. We believe that sharing successes is a great way to inspire other organisations and groups - if you have a project or case study that you are particularly proud of, please briefly outline it for us or attach a link to a website so we can take a look

* 6. We love blogs and sharing stories - would you be interested in writing a blog for WEN Wales in the future?

* 7. We would love to hear about the exciting pieces of work you are planning on getting involved with over the next few years. If you are able to share this with us, we might know people who can help, or who are planning similar pieces of work and put you in touch

* 8. We think partnership working and collaboration are key to successful projects. Whether you've previously worked with them before or not, which are the top 3 organisations that you would like to work with in the future?

* 9. We would love to know the areas that you consider yourself an expert in, or areas where you would like to gain more experience and information - this will enable us to match you up with partners and opportunities

  I am particularly experienced in this field I would like to recieve more information on this subject as it interests me 
Achieving greater numbers of women in decision making roles
Ending violence against women in all spheres of life
Ensuring equal opportunities for women and girls in all aspects of life; in particular housing, employment
Supporting the needs of women who have caring responsibilities and/or are assumed to be the default carers
Addressing the urban bias that effects negatively on the experience of women and girls in rural areas
Challenging negative attitudes about gender inequality and unconscious bias towards men and boys by both men and women
Encouraging and supporting the visibility of female role models in all areas of Welsh life
Addressing the gendered impact of welfare reform, poverty, and wage/pensions inequality
Challenging the overt sexualisation of women and girls in the media, online and in advertising
Working towards a better approach to judicial sentencing, custodial arrangements, and defence support for women and girls

* 10. Do you have any other comments, advice, questions, or concerns that you'd like to raise with us? We really want to hear your feedback: 

Data Protection Act 1998. The information given will be entered and held electronically by WEN Wales; hard copies of all forms and contact data will also be kept. The information will be used by WEN Wales for the administration of the directory; and for the monitoring and promotion of the women’s sector in Wales. From time to time, we may contact you with information which we think may be of interest to you. Personal contacts and financial data will be kept secure and confidential. In completing this survey you agree to the data being held and used for these purposes.