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Thank you for your interest in MassageNet. By completing this survey, you are enrolling in membership for MassageNet, the Massage Therapy Foundation-supported practice-based research network (PBRN). There is no cost or obligation associated with this membership. Our goal is to create a member-driven community of massage focused clinicians, researchers, and allies that allows massage therapists to engage in research at various levels. This enrollment survey allows us to learn a little about our members so we can better serve your needs.

Information collected in this survey will be used to inform research projects in association with MassageNet. Although we cannot guarantee absolute confidentiality, your personal data will never be sold or used outside of the PBRN setting, and data about members will be deidentified prior to distribution to researchers and other authorized personnel. 

Your participation in this survey is completely voluntary, and you can stop at any time. We do not foresee any risks involved in taking part in this survey. If there is a question you do not feel comfortable answering, you may skip to the next question. You may not experience any personal benefit from your participation, but we hope to learn things that will help researchers and MassageNet members in the future.

You must be at least 18 years old to join MassageNet. 

If you have questions about this survey or membership in the PBRN, please contact us at

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