Please take a moment to answer these questions regarding your recent senior healthcare experience. Giving contact information is optional. NO emails or phone numbers will be used or distributed to 3rd parties for marketing or sales purposes. 

Receiving health care close to home is an important element to healing and wellness.  Being cared for in familiar settings, close to friends and family is a key factor in keeping health care people centered.  After a hospitalization, short term skilled nursing services are often necessary to assure an individual returns home in the optimal condition to remain safe and independent.  There are also circumstances when skilled care, assisted living or home care is needed on a long term basis for individuals who need continual care and services.  The best place to receive care is close to home!


With such vast changes to health care in the last 12-24 months there is a growing concern that patient rights and choice are being diminished by the strong influences of large hospitals and corporate entities focused on managing cost at the expense of an individuals choice.  It is our goal to obtain personal information from individuals who required hospitalization and skilled nursing services recently and aggregate public opinion on this subject to assure the people’s voices, rights and interests are not lost to corporate health care initiatives.


The time you take today to answer this brief survey could make a big impact on how and where you, or a loved one, receives care in the future.  As Oswego County residents we must fight to preserve and strengthen the local health care resources we have in our own back yard.  Thank you for your help with this important effort. 



Oswego County is home to thousands of people.  When an individual requires health care services there are many highly skilled providers and resources available to you here in Oswego County.  From hospitalization, to skilled nursing services and assisted living to home care, Oswego County has all of your care needs located right here in your own back yard.  When you are faced with a health care decision for yourself or a loved one, be sure to ask about resources available to you in Oswego County.

If you were not provided with the choice to receive care in your home county we would like to know about it.  Your voice matters to keep Oswego County health care services strong and growing into the future.  Accessible care and services close to home is an important objective for all Oswego County residents!