* 1. Is the Hike It. Like It. gear database easy to navigate and use?

* 2. Is this feature useful to you?

* 3. What are some of the reasons you'd use the Hike It. Like It. gear database?

* 4. Is the data displayed in a way that makes it easy to read?

* 5. Are there any specific gear items that you'd like to see added to the database?

* 6. If you have suggestions for improvements or just want to leave a comment, go for it!

* 7. Want some Hike It. Like It. stickers and/or bookmarks?

If so, please provide your name and address and we'll get some out to you around the end of the month. We won't use your address for anything else, and of course the last thing we'd ever do is sell, trade, or give it to any other person or business.

Thanks a million for taking the survey!