1. University of Massachusetts Boston Graduate College of Education

The University of Massachusetts faculty and staff believe the areas below are important for developing thoughtful and responsive professionals. We are very interested in your views of how our programs are achieving these ends. We would greatly appreciate your taking 5-10 minutes to complete this online survey. All information will be held strictly confidential and used only for institutional evaluation purposes. Thank you!

* 2. Overall, how satisfied were you with your professional education program?

* 3. Compared to other beginning professional educators in your area, how well prepared do you see yourself?

* 4. Are you employed in the professional education field for which you prepared at UMassBoston?

* 5. Name of the school /agency where you are employed:

* 6. City/Town of school/agency:

* 7. Your role at the school/agency:

Items 8 and 9 ask about the knowledge and skills acquired across your courses, pre-practicum, practicum and/or internship experiences.

* 8. In my courses, I received a content-rich and rigorous foundation in:

  Strongly Disagree Disagree Neutral Agree Strongly Agree
The needs of urban environments and populations
Human development and learning
Individual differences and exceptionalities
The historical context of current education issues
The processes of social and educational change
Theories, research, and facts in my specialization
Knowledge of state and national professional standards
Legal and ethical responsibilities of professional practice

* 9. In my classes, pre-practica, practicum and/or internship placements, I learned to:

  Strongly Disagree Disagree Neutral Agree Strongly Agree
Transform theory into practice
Use critical evaluation to modify my professional practice
Assess student/client learning in a variety of ways
Design instructional/learning plans for students/clients
Apply classroom and behavior management strategies to create a productive learning environment
Develop skills for interacting professionally with students, families, school/agency personnel,, and community members
Use technology in educationally sound ways
Incorporate multiple learning strategies
Help students connect concepts with their prior experiences and apply them to real life problems
Use written and verbal professional communication effectively
Items 10-20 focus exclusively on your field experiences and clinical practice.

* 10. My field experiences (pre-practica and practicum/internship) were in settings that enabled me to fulfill the program objectives.

* 11. My field experiences occurred as a collaborative effort between the university and field-based supervisors.

* 12. My UMB supervisors were knowledgeable about experiences in the field they supervised.

* 13. Pre-practicum field experiences contributed to my ability to function as an effective professional.

* 14. I would recommend my cooperating practitioner to another student.

* 15. (For graduates of teacher preparation programs only)
The Field Placement Office was helpful to me in arranging my student teaching placement.

* 16. The licensure office provided useful information (or answered my questions) about DOE licensing procedures

* 17. UMass Boston MTEL Orientation Sessions were helpful.

* 18. Overall, my experience with the admissions process was satisfactory.

* 19. Overall, the advising process met my needs.

* 20. Overall, courses were generally available when I needed them.

* 21. My formal grievances were handled fairly.

* 22. Please describe the two most outstanding aspects of the program from which you are graduating.

* 23. Please make the two most pressing recommendations for program improvement in the program from which you are graduating.

* 24. Please add any additional comments on the quality of the program.

Thank you for your time and thoughtful responses to this survey.