Water Audit Introduction

The Water Leak Pilot program was commissioned by the Office of the Clean Water Public Advocate as part of the larger Focus on Water Initiative.  

As a resident participating in the Pilot, you will perform a water audit of your home to help identify potential leaks. Once the audit is complete, you will connect with your community coordinator to review the audit and schedule plumbing repairs; these repairs will be at no cost to you.
If you need assistance completing the water audit or have questions, please contact your community coordinator:
Benton Harbor Residents: Your community coordinators can be reached by calling 269-519-0413 (Brandon Williams) or 517-480-4717 (Remi Gonety).
Highland Park Residents: Your community coordinator, Kalaya Thomas, can be reached by calling 313-495-4089.
For a water audit video tutorial, please visit the Water Leak Pilot webpage:


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