1. Before we begin....

If you decide to sponsor a child from the Pumpkin Patch, here's what to expect:

1. 'WEEN DREAM will send you the information of the child you're sponsoring.  You will receive the child's code (to label the costume), gender, age, size, and two costume preferences (first and second choice).

2. You'll have until the first weekend in October to purchase an appropriate costume for the child.

3. You'll drop off or ship the purchased costume to our Costume Headquarters (3001 River Rd., Jefferson, LA 70121) so that we receive it on or before Friday, October 5, 2017.  We recommend mailing costumes by September 30.  If you order a costume online, you may ship it directly to 'WEEN DREAM at the same address.

After that, you're finished!  'WEEN DREAM will give your costume to the child you sponsored.

If you're still on board, go to the next page to get started!