SocialGive Nonprofit Survey

SocialGive™ is a mobile nonprofit fundraising platform. In a social media centric world, SocialGive™ enables the next generation of donors to seamlessly integrate supporting your organization into their day without having to change anything about their daily routine.

By adding an incremental monetary value to different social media engagements, SocialGive™ gives donors the power to micro-donate to your fundraising campaigns simultaneously as they use social media. Providing you with a means to tap into the virtual pocket change of donors in order to generate consistent new revenue streams.

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Explainer video can be viewed here:
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SocialGive Screen

* 1. Do you work for a nonprofit organization?

* 2. To your knowledge do you currently have a mobile fundraising strategy?

* 3. Do you currently use a mobile fundraising app to engage donors?

* 4. What mobile apps do you use?

* 5. If not, why?

* 6. If we facilitated a free fundraising campaign for your organization on our platform, would you be willing to tell your donors through your communication outlets?

* 7. How large is your organization?

* 8. What's your largest revenue source?

* 9. Do you currently have a millennial engagement strategy?

* 10. What are your thoughts on the concept of SocialGive?