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Thank you for your interest in Take Back the Wild: Raising the Voices of Gulf Island Seniors. We ask that you carefully read the following page, to ensure this conservation training program is a fit for you.

We are seeking seniors, aged 60 and above, living in the Gulf Islands or surrounding communities who have an interest in local conservation and desire to develop skills in campaign planning. Our goal is to bring a diverse and passionate group of people together to learn from local leaders in conservation, to engage in dialogue on key components of campaign planning, and to inspire and celebrate regional conservation in action.

Take Back the Wild: Raising the Voices of Gulf Island Seniors is a 5-month long program which includes two multi-day summits on November 14-16 on Salt Spring Island and November 27-28 in Victoria. You will receive training in a wide range of campaign skills including communications, media relations, community engagement, indigenous relations, and government relations. This summit will have an emphasis on marine conservation in the Southern Strait of Georgia.

Following the summits, you will apply your Take Back the Wild training to a project, including developing a strategy and setting project goals. In April, participants will come together for one day to share their experience working on a conservation project and celebrate their participation in the program.

This program is free to participate in.

To learn more about Take Back the Wild: Raising the Voices of Gulf Island Seniors, please visit: campaigns/senior

Application Deadline: 11:59 PM on October 18th, 2017.

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