Negotiated Rulemaking

The Idaho State Department of Education (SDE) is conducting negotiated rulemaking regarding the Revisions to Certification of Professional School Personnel.  As part of this process, the SDE is accepting written recommendations and comments.  Please refer to our website at for draft language and background materials.  All comments must be received by the SDE on or before April 26, 2017, and will be published on the State Department of Education’s website.
DESCRIPTIVE SUMMARY: The following is a statement in nontechnical language of the substance and purpose of the intended negotiated rulemaking and the principle issues involved:

The Professional Standards Commission (PSC) follows a strategic plan of annually reviewing twenty percent (20%) of the Idaho Standards for Initial Certification of Professional School Personnel, the incorporated by reference document, as well as the certification and endorsement language within IDAPA rule that corresponds to the preparation standards. The following preparation standards were reviewed by committees of content experts: administrator, audiology, bilingual/English as a new language (ENL), computer science, core teaching standards, Career Technical Education (CTE), engineering, speech-language pathologist (SLP), and world languages. The suggested changes will be recommended by the PSC for approval by the State Board of Education.

Revisions to the Code of Ethics will be proposed to include language regarding donations solicited by classroom teachers for classroom use. There may also be revisions to background checks as a result of possible statute change to 33-130, Idaho Code. Additionally, revisions may be made to certificate reinstatement requirements, Mathematical Thinking for Instruction (MTI) and the Idaho Comprehensive Literacy Course (ICLC) renewal requirements, and MTI and ICLC Interim certificate requirements.

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