Digital Health Solutions for Vulnerable Populations

The Public Health Institute (PHI) will conduct a national review of digital health solutions that have demonstrated the ability to benefit vulnerable populations through either addressing chronic non-communicable diseases or promoting personal health and well-being. The Initiative will identify 3 Digital Health Solution Best Practices in design, implementation and sustainability for vulnerable populations that will be announced in August 2016. The Best Practices will be raised up to the public health and digital health communities as examples of solutions to effectively engage vulnerable populations to improve health and well-being.

Contribute to our Catalogue of Digital Health Solutions

Recommend a digital health solution that has effectively engaged vulnerable populations to improve health and well-being through entering information into this database. We will review all entries to assess their effectiveness and best practices in design, implementation and sustainability.Information in this catalog is currently private, but the goal will be to make this public and freely accessible to all.

Please learn more at the Digital Health Solutions for Vulnerable Populations Initiative on the Initiative home page.

* 1. Company Information

* 2. Digital Health Solution Description (include understanding of user-centered design principles):

* 3. Does this digital health solution focus on:

* 4. Are you currently working with vulnerable populations?

* 5. Please describe the target population.

* 6. What are the target challenges and barriers this solution addresses? 

* 7. What stage of development and adoption is the described solution?

* 8. Please describe key partnerships stakeholders working with your organization on this solution.

* 9. Describe the current funding and plans for sustainability of this solution.

* 10. Other comments

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