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* 1. What grade are you in?

* 2. Had you taken an AP class prior to this class?

* 3. Rate this class in terms of how much you enjoyed it.

* 4. Rate this class in terms of how much you learned.

* 5. List everything in the class that you felt worked well.

* 6. List everything from this class that you think needs improvement.

* 7. Rate your teacher.

* 8. Rate the class in terms how much you felt challenged.

* 9. How prepared did you feel for the AP exam?

* 10. Please take the remainder of the time to evaluate your year in AP English. Topics to touch on: the books we read, assignments, the teacher, teaching style, your performance, what you did well, what you could improve, what your teacher did well, what he could improve, advice for next years' students, etc