* 1. What is your job role?

* 2. What is your job location?

* 3. Content

  High Degree Average Degree Low Degree N/A
The content of the professional development activity was appropriate to my IPDP or my job role.
The handouts/materials will be useful in implementing the content of this activity.
Follow-up training would increase the degree to which I can implement the skills learned.

* 4. Other Information

  High Degree Average Degree Low Degree N/A
The scheduling of this activity was appropriate.
The length of time was adequate.
The time of day was convenient.
The activity facility was conductive to learning.
I found this activity, overall, to be worthwhile and professionally stimulating.
This activity will help me to impact student learning and/or achievement.
I feel this information could have been best delivered in an alternative format.

* 5. Facilitator Effectiveness

  High Degree Average Degree Low Degree N/A
The facilitator was knowledgeable in the subject matter.
The facilitator used job-related examples and activities.
The facilitator demonstrated effective presentation skills and methods.
The facilitator responded to the needs of the audience.

* 6. What types of follow-up training do you feel would help you to further implement this knnowledge into your classroom or job role?


* 8. Participant Information