Make Your Voice Heard!

The Environmental Advisory Committee is gathering feedback from residents on their recycling needs and preferences. The information gathered in the quick 4-question survey will provide data to guide the Committee in recommending future programs on recycling and trash. One survey per household please.

* 1. Does your Huntington Woods household recycle?

* 2. How often do you set out your recycling cart?

* 3. Is there anything that prevents you from recycling / recycling more? (please check all that apply)

* 4. We are looking at several approaches for increasing recycling in our community. What sort of impact, if any, would these have on YOUR household's recycling habits?

  I would definitely recycle more I would likely recycle more I might recycle more This would not impact how much I recycle
Reinstating the Huntington Woods "Recycler of the Month" award
Participation in a program that assigns you points for recycling that can be redeemed for rewards
Imposing a fee for excess trash removal (for weekly trash volume in excess of what can be contained in a 35-gallon cart)
Recycling reminder tags (Attached to trash cart during pickup if recycling cart is not also at the curb)
Annual community recycling fair with education, demonstrations, and family-friendly activities
Including community recycling performance in quarterly Hometown Herald newsletters
Engaging in a "recycling contest" with neighboring communities
Distributing recycling cart stickers or reminder cards that clearly indicate what can be placed in the cart, what can be dropped off at HWDPW, and what can be dropped off at SOCCRA