Welcome to Tipperary GAA Insurance Survey 2019

GAA Insurance (Property & Liability) is arranged centrally by Croke Park via Willis Insurance Brokers. Croke Park allocate the insurance charge to be applied to each County and Tipperary County Board is invoiced accordingly each year. This charge is then divided between the various units in the county, as fairly as possible, based on the facilities they have, their claims (paid or estimated) in the previous 5 years and fundraising activities they are involved in. 

The last Insurance Survey was conducted in early 2016 and since then, many units have purchased extra land and/or extended their facilities. In order to be fair to all, a new survey is now required so as to ensure, as far as possible, that the charge allocated to each unit reflects the risk presented by that unit.

Please ensure that all information supplied, gives a true and accurate account of the facilities and activities your club is involved in. 

If you have any queries in completion of this survey, please contact Tipperary GAA Development Officer, P.J. Maher on email at pjmaher3000@yahoo.ie or on his mobile 087-2489064.
Thank you for your co-operation.