Please answer these short questions to help OMN learn how to better meet your needs as a member. 

* 1. Are you interested in staying involved with OMN?

* 2. Where would you like to attend trainings & workshops? Please indicate the order of your preference below.

* 3. If your preferred location for trainings wasn't listed above, please suggest a new location for trainings below.

* 4. If you haven't finished your certification yet, which training workshops do you need?

* 5. What types of advanced trainings, workshops, field trips, and volunteer opportunities are you most interested in?

* 6. Are you interested in attending OMN meetings or group activities?

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* 7. Would you like to see OMN establish regional chapters for meetings and activities?

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* 9. Please share any other comments or suggestions you have for making OMN a stronger organization.