1. Introduction to Implementing a Workplace Literacy Program

Complete this survey to provide an overview of the AEL provider's plan for a Workplace Literacy Program in PY 22-23.
If you are planning an IET with an employer, you must submit an IET Implementation Plan. As a reminder, enrollments in a Workplace Literacy program will count towards the Intensive Services enrollment target. A survey for each program and employer partner must be submitted.
After submitting a survey, you may email AELTA@twc.texas.gov to request a copy. 
Please make sure you hit the "Done" button so that the survey is submitted as complete. Direct any questions about this survey to AELTA@twc.texas.gov

Completing the online 'survey' will take 8-10 minutes, if you have planned your responses prior to starting. You are not able to return to a survey if you start and do not finish. So, know your responses before beginning.
PDF of Implementation Plan Questions: AELTA@twc.texas.gov