Wine Labor - Tasting Room

Welcome to the 2023 Oregon Wine Industry Labor Survey which reports on wages and salaries for the year 2022, as carried out by Jeff D. Peterson, Ph.D., of Vinum Docet, LLC. All data gathered is anonymously, (no IP or E-Mail addresses are collected when you respond, and only Jeff D. Peterson has access to the data) and will be kept confidential, and will be used in aggregated and summary form only to provide general labor cost information about the Oregon wine industry. Summary data may also be presented at the Oregon Wine Symposium. With all of your information ready, it should take 15-20 minutes to complete the full survey.

Please note that the goal of this survey is to mirror the Wine Business Monthly Salary Survey. Even if you cannot answer a question, perhaps because you do not employ someone full-time, or you do not pay a salary, this information will be useful to you for the purposes of comparison and setting baselines. Thus, it is critical that we have a high participation rate! You will be asked in a subsequent question to consent to this survey, after which you will complete the survey, if you agree.

About this survey and the data we are gathering:

1. There are separate sections for tasting rooms, wineries and vineyards, which will allow you to skip sections that are not appropriate to you. 

2. In some selected cases you will be asked about the gender of the person holding that position, in order to gather some information for the Oregon wine industry on gender equity.

3. You will be asked questions about salary and hourly wages for workers for the year 2022. 
A) Base Salary, not including any other bonuses or forms of compensation
B) Hourly Wage, full-time and part-time workers in certain sectors

You will be asked to report on salary or hourly wages for employees, consultants and/or contracted services for the 2022 year, for the following positions:
1. Tasting Room Manager
2. Full-time Tasting Room Sales
3. Part-time Tasting Room Sales
4. Wine Club Manager
5. Special Events Manager
6. Direct to Consumer Sales
7. Director/National Director of Sales
8. Regional Sales Director
9. Marketing Director
10. Controller/Director of Finance
11. Human Resources Director
12. President or General Manager
13. Viticulturist/Vineyard Manager
14. Site Foreman
15. Labor Crew Supervisor
16. Skilled Tractor Operator
17. Unskilled Tractor Operator
18. Executive Winemaker
19. Assistant Winemaker
20. Cellar Master
21. Paid Intern

Question Title

* 1. You are being asked to respond to a salary and wage survey by Jeff D. Peterson, Ph.D., of Vinum Docet, LLC. If for any reason you do not wish to continue the  the survey, you may decline to respond to any questions, or choose to not finish the interview. Participation in this study is voluntary.  You may refuse to participate, skip any question, or withdraw at any time without penalty.
No information will be obtained that can connect you to your survey responses. Anonymity will be maintained by the means of not recording IP addresses of respondents, nor are any e-mail addresses gathered. All data will be reported as means and averages.
If you have questions about this research study please contact Professor Jeff D. Peterson at
INFORMED CONSENT STATEMENT.  I hereby give voluntary consent to participate in this study. Signing this consent document does not waive my rights nor does it release the investigators, institution or sponsors from their responsibilities.

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