The goal of the Manufacturer's Alliance for Child Passenger Safety (MACPS) is to promote education, training and dissemination of current CPS information through the dedication of time, effort and funding. With this goal in mind, MACPS will provide monetary support, in the form of scholarships, to local, state, regional or national conferences. Funding is limited to one award per NHTSA Region. Preference will be given to conferences with a strong CPST focus. The purpose of this grant award is to offset the cost for CPSTs to attend local, state, regional and national conferences.

1) Any local, state or regional conference can apply for funding.
2) Any conference has the opportunity to be awarded a grant regardless of conference size. Preference given to conferences that are CPST specific.
3) The MACPS Scholarship Committee determines the awardee from each NHTSA Region. It is the responsibility of the awardee to select individual CPSTs to receive the conference scholarship.
4) A member of MACPS will be assigned to each awardee to assist with selecting the conference scholarship winner from the top ten individuals.
5) It is understood that members of MACPS will expect to incur no registration or exhibit fees if participating in the conference. Additionally, please review the MACPS Speaker/Exhibitor Request form. This document provides guidance on requests for inviting MACPS members to participate in your conference.

A member of the conference planning committee should complete the following information to submit an application for an MACPS scholarship grant. Application deadline: December 1, 2017.

* 1. In which NHTSA Region is your conference located?

* 2. Provide the conference details.

* 3. Provide the date(s) of your conference.


* 4. Provide your contact information.

* 5. How many attendees do you anticipate?

* 6. How many of your attendees are car seat technicians or instructors?

* 7. What is the cost for an attendee to participate in your conference? Please include the registration fee and anticipated travel.

* 8. Describe how this scholarship grant will benefit the CPS program in your state/region.

* 9. Describe why your conference is the best choice for this scholarship award.