* 1. A little bit about you...

* 2. What does craft keg beer mean to you?

* 3. What characteristics do you like about craft keg beer?

* 4. What characteristics do you dislike about craft keg beer?

* 5. In comparison to other types of beers, how often do you drink craft keg beer?

* 6. Do you have a specific place you enjoy to drink Craft Keg Beer?

* 7. Does branding and product image matter to you as a craft keg beer drinker?

* 8. Do you like to try new Craft Keg Beers or do you just stick to brands and brewery’s you know?

* 9. Do you have any preferred ABV (strength), style or flavour when choosing Craft Keg Beer?

* 10. How important is price in influencing the Craft Keg Beer you buy?

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