Project Announcement

We proudly announce the launch of a new project at CUNY at the Murphy Institute; The Community and Worker Ownership Project, (CWOP). As you are likely to know, the Murphy Institute has a strong history of helping students and workers understand how to make their work and community life better. In this age of burgeoning inequality and pervasive challenges to political and workplace democracy, this project seeks to support undertakings in worker cooperatives, democratic participation and grassroots leadership in community development.

We invite you to engage in this work in any number of ways. Below you will find several questions that align with the areas of our work. We invite you or anyone in your organization to join as as an adviser, as an active member of our working groups or as an organizational partner.

Please note that by answering this survey you will be on mailing lists according to your interests.

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* Organization:

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* Please share any preferred means to contact you if other than the email above. (other person, call, text, other email, social media, etc.)

* 1. Workforce/Business Development Training
Bring non-credit courses and workshops to CUNY sites for existing and potential cooperative worker/owners

* 2. College degree and certificate based education
Collaborate to design credit courses, certificates and degree programs with scholars to expand education options for economic democracy and cooperative ownership

* 3. Organized Labor and business conversion strategies
Support the expansion of coop businesses with organized labor, worker centers, community based organizations and industry sectors through technical assistance, training, organizing and policy

* 4. Public Programming
Join us to develop public programming, present, co-host or attend!

* 5. Research Projects
Develop or join in research projects to evaluate economic and social justice impact of cooperative ownership and democratic engagement

* I recommend the following people from my organization to be contacted