In the last several months, clients have been asking us to develop a program for semi-prepared meals they could take home.

Early 2019, Cafe Meteor Bistro will be launching the Meteor at Home  Meal Program. Clients will be able to pre-order from our  menu which will include everything you need to prepare a meal. You will have the option to  pick up or get your box delivered. Options  will range from semi to fully prepared dishes.  We expect our customers to be in a radius of 75km from the Meteor in Haileybury. 
The Meteor at Home Meal Program is designed for people:
·   who find meal  planning difficult,
·   who do not have time to shop and cook,
·   who wants to reduce food waste,
·   who wants to provide healthier meals for their family
·   who wants to be treated to a gourmet meal in the comfort of their home  
·   who wants to provide to a sick or elderly family member a healthy meal
We need your help to design our new Meteor at Home  Meal Program.  By participating in the survey, you will get a $25 discount on your 1st Meteor at Home order.