Florence Area Chamber Requests Feedback for Uptown and Non-Tourism Businesses.

The chamber is a launching a new committee to address the uptown and non-tourism oriented business in the Florence Area. We need your feedback to find out what is important to you. Thank you for sharing your time and thoughts. Click OK to continue.

* 1. How can the chamber support your business?

* 2. What are 2-3 goals you have for your business for the next 2-3 years: i.e. web presence, expansion, remodel, growth...?

* 3. If you had unlimited resources, how would you grow your business?

* 4. What impediments do you see that challenge your business' growth and sustainability?

* 5. Visual - What changes would you like to see? i.e. Beautification, Banners, Holiday Decorations, Landscaping, Flower Baskets...

* 6. Event Ideas to Increase Revenue? i.e. Winter Light Show Jan/Feb, or????

* 7. How will you support these endeavors? Hands on deck? Financially?

* 8. Last Question! What do you think a good name for this committee would be? One Town? Our Town? Grow Florence? Or..... Remember, this committee although focused uptown is also representing non-tourism business all over town. Please keep suggestions unifying by definition.

* 9. Feel free to share your name or business so we know who you are and thank you for sharing your time!