SocialGive™ is a mobile nonprofit fundraising platform set to release later on this year. With this app, your donors can donate to your organization and any of its fundraising campaigns just by engaging on social media through likes, favorites, and retweets. By giving each engagement a monetary value (e.g. $0.50 for every like on Instagram), you can have access to more funds to support the great work that you do in your community.

* 1. Nonprofit Name

* 2. In what city and state do you primarily operate out of?

* 3. Which cause(s) do you focus on?

* 4. What is the size of your organization?

* 5. About how many subscribers / active donors do you have?

* 6. Which funding source do you rely on the most?

* 7. Please rank the following with the most difficult task on top

* 8. Do you currently use any other mobile platforms to raise money for your organization?

* 9. If brought onto our platform, would you be willing to advertise SocialGive to your donors so that they would be able to donate to your campaign?

* 10. Would you like updates on SocialGive in the future?