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* 1. What is your gender?

* 2. How old are you? (Don't worry, I won't tell).

* 3. Why do you read Motherhood Uncensored?

* 4. Have you ever clicked on an Ad under "Blogher Ads"?

* 5. Have you ever clicked on an ad under "This Month's Sponsors" (Below Blogherads, left column)?

* 6. If I were to endorse an advertiser by espousing their greatness because they were actually really great, would that motivate you to click on an ad?

* 7. If the really great advertiser happened to be a small business, owned by moms and dads, would that make you click it (over something like Yay Meat!)?

* 8. Have you ever clicked on a link to a product or service that I've talked about in my posts?

* 9. If I did monthly giveaways on my site in the side bar, would you participate?

* 10. If I endorsed a small business advertiser on my site that I actually thought was great, would you believe me or would you just think I was a sell out?