From Out of the Shadows - Stalking and Harassment and your experience in the Criminal Justice System

Thank you so much for taking the time to complete this survey for Protection Against Stalking

We are leading a campaign for change within the Criminal Justice System for better support for victims of stalking and harassment, the review of the Protection from Harassment Act, 1997 and sentencing guidelines and review of the training for professionals in stalking including risk, identification, assessment and management.

Your voice will be used to influence change within the Criminal Justice System. The evidence from this survey will be used to inform an Independent Inquiry set up by Parliamentarians (MPs and Peers) to examine the victim's experience of the Criminal Justice System, the support available to victims and whether there is a need for stalking law reform.

This survey should only take about 10 minutes of your time. You can opt out at any time. Your answers will be completely anonymous. The anonymous survey results will be published in the Parliamentary Stalking Campaign Bulletin and the final Inquiry report.

We are aware of the long term nature of stalking and that this survey relates to past and, perhaps, ongoing incidents which you may still find upsetting. If you find you do experience distress you can contact The National Stalking Helpline which is open during business hours on 0300 636 0300 alternatively you can email

You may want to submit more information about your experience to Protection Against Stalking or join the campaign.If you do please e-mail us on completion of the survey and if you have any questions about the survey, please contact us at

* 1. What has been the duration of the stalking/harassment behaviour?

* 2. How many ways does the stalker contact you - directly or indirecty?

* 3. How does the stalker know you?

* 4. What do you think your stalker/harasser hopes to gain from his/her behaviour?

* 5. Did you contact anyone for help? If yes please specify who you spoke to first and any other people you may have contacted/spoken with.

* 6. Did you contact the Police?

* 7. Were you satisfied with the Police response?

* 8. If you were/are not satisifed with the Police response, please explain why.

* 9. Were the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) involved in your case?

* 10. If the Crown Prosecution were involved, were you satisfied with their response?

* 11. Was the person who has been stalking/harassing you charged? (This does not include harassment warnings/police information notices)

* 12. If they were charged, please state what they were charged with.

* 13. Were they convicted at court? If yes, for how long?

* 14. If you were/are not satisfied with the Crown Prosecution Service response, please explain why?

* 15. Did you take an civil action?

* 16. If you did take civil action, what was the course of action decided upon and what was the outcome?

* 17. Are you satisfied with the Criminal Justice System response?

* 18. Please explain your answer if you are not satisfied with the Criminal Justice System response.

* 19. Are there any actions that you feel would have protected you better if they were available?

* 20. What could have helped improve the situation?

* 21. In your opinion is there anything that needs to change to improve the support and the experience for victims of stalking and harassment in the criminal justice system? Please explain your answer.