Way to Go School Challenge

The Way to Go Challenge is a two-week event that encourages everyone to travel more efficiently (i.e., walk, bike, carpool, and bus). It is a chance for you and your school to address transportation problems. By participating, your school will be recognized and could win great prizes, like a solar tracker!

The purpose of this survey is to gather the opinions of key people within the school community. Whether or not you have participated in the past, your feedback is valuable as we develop this year's Fall Challenge, occurring September 25th - October 6th.

Please complete this 5-minute survey today (or no later than March 24th), for a chance to win a $150 gift card!

Thank you in advance for your help and support to make this the best year for school participation!

* 1. Have you heard of the Way To Go Challenge?

* 2. Have you or your school ever participated in the Way to Go Challenge?

* 3. Have you or your school ever participated in Safe Routes To School?

* 4. If you participated in Way to Go or Safe Routes to School last year, how easy or difficult was it to make it happen in your school? Please rate your experience on a scale of 1 to 5 (with 1 being easy, and 5 being difficult).

In the next set of questions, we'd like to know how best to communicate with your school, and what incentives might help to encourage participation in the Way to Go School Challenge this Fall..

* 5. What would motivate you and your co-workers to participate in the Way to Go Challenge? (Please select your top 3 reasons)

* 6. What reasons do you believe would motivate students to participate in the Way To Go Challenge? (Please select top 3)

* 7. It would help the planning team if schools signed-up in advance. With the goal of signing up schools early for the Fall Challenge (Sept. 25 - Oct. 6), what would help motivate an early commitment to participate?

* 8. If all K-12 schools were expected to participate in some way in the 2017 Way to Go Challenge, what would be the reason for not participating?

* 9. What is the best way to communicate with teachers and staff? (Please select your top two ways)

* 10. What is the best way to communicate with students and parents? (Please select up to three ways)

* 11. If faculty, staff and students receive community information through media channels, what are the most likely sources? (Please select the top 2 sources)

* 12. What other resources would you find helpful in effectively promoting and encouraging participation in the Challenge?

* 13. Were there any barriers or concerns to participation last year? If so, please explain:

* 14. What information or materials would help you promote the Way To Go Challenge in your school? (Choose all that apply)

* 15. How can we make participation in the Way to Go Challenge simpler or more user-friendly?

* 16. The Way To Go Challenge can benefit schools in many ways. In your opinion, what are the top 3 reasons to participate in Way to Go?

* 17. If you or someone you know is willing to be a leader for your school, or in helping us spread the word, please provide contact information below (optional). If the following contact is you, please indicate "(self)" after your name.