* 1. Which GIS Workshop did you attend?

* 2. A GIS (geographic information system) provides the functionality to:

* 3. Metadata contains information about the ...

* 4. When a file has the .shp extension, it means it is a:

* 5. When a shapefile is opened in ArcGIS, symbols, styles and color used to display the objects of a layer are randomly selected by the software. We modify the symbology to:

* 6. After adding data to a map, one of the first things to do is set the map's display units and projection. This is done because these settings:

* 7. A map's title and legend are inserted on ...

* 8. Was this workshop recommended to you by an instructor? If so, please give that person's name and department.

* 9. What else would you like to learn about GIS?