Our 2018 policy priorities protect and expand resources for ending and preventing homelessness, create affordable homes across the state, and make rental housing more accessible to families and individuals struggling to make ends meet. These priorities include:
  • Secure significant funding for the Housing Trust Fund. Pass a Capital Budget with at least $106 million for affordable housing, and increase biennial funding with a supplemental Capital Budget.
  • Secure and increase funding for programs that prevent and end homelessness. Pass HB 1570/Macri to eliminate the sunset on over 60% of state homelessness funds, increase the Homeless Housing Assistance Surcharge, and fix the 45% mandate.
  • Fund services to help people with disabilities and experiences of long-term homelessness access permanent supportive housing. Ensure full Operating Budget authority for the supportive housing services Medicaid benefit in the state's Medicaid Transformation Demonstration.
  • Outlaw discrimination against renters based on the use of rental or income assistance. Pass HB 1633/Riccelli, SB 5407/Frockt to make it illegal to categorically deny housing to renters using rental or income assistance, and to close this fair housing loophole that predominantly impacts communities of color, single-parent households, seniors, veterans, and people with disabilities.
  • Protect state rental and income assistance for disabled, elderly, and extremely low-income adults.
    • Protect the Housing and Essential Needs Program, Aged, Blind, and Disabled income assistance, and Medical Care Services.
    • Pass HB 1239/Sullivan to increase access to medical records for people applying for federal SSI benefits.
    • Pass HB 1831/Pettigrew or SB 5609/Darneille. Both bills revise resource restrictions for public assistance programs.

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