* 1. Child/s age?

* 2. Where do you shop for their clothes/accessories?

* 3. Are you satisfied with the quality/ variety of clothing stores offer overall?

Briefly explain/ suggestions?


* 4. What are a few of your greatest concerns regarding what you find available in stores?

i.e. The quality of clothing? The fit? Anything else?

* 5. Do you always find what you are looking for?

Is there anything in particular you find hard to find i.e. particular styles/designs/fabric composition?

* 6. Are any of your children particular with their clothing? Have any annoyances? i.e. don’t like hoods, the feel of denim, skinny leg pants, wide leg pants, zips, buttons, certain colours? Please briefly explain

* 7. Do your children have any medical or non-medically diagnosed conditions/ i.e. ASD, ADD, ADHD, eczema, behavioural issues, sensory issues etc.

**(Please answer to the extent you are comfortable. A simple yes or no would be extremely helpful if you feel uncomfortable providing any further details).

The age of the child/children?


* 8. Is there anything you do to accommodate the child in any way in ref to above question? i.e. cut tags out, or amend clothing in some way?

* 9. When shopping for clothing the deciding factor for your choice to purchase is?
(please number according to importance. 1 being most important)

* 10. Any other comments/ suggestions on design or products wanted or fabric or price?