Welcome to the Survey for Your Response about a Town of Warrenton Amphitheater


Quoted from Fauquier Now published article by Cassandra Brown on December 12, 2017:
To commemorate its 200th anniversary next year, the Warrenton United Methodist Church has offered to fund construction of an amphitheater with a covered stage and audience seating.

(Note: the church has offered to fund part of the costs and has offered $100,000 toward the project.)

“Residents are important and we need to meet the needs of the end user,” Sean Polster (At-large) said.

It could cost about $250,000 to build a stage with supporting wings or storage areas, according to Jennifer McAndrew, the church’s anniversary committee chairman. The project could take place in multiple phases.

"There is a real demand for performance space, Warrenton Parks and Recreation Director Margaret Rice said. In general, it is definitely a need that is not fulfilled right now,” Ms. Rice said. “The arts add so much to the community, and I’m glad they are considering it. We still have a lot of details to work out, but I think it will be a great addition.”

During Thursday’s work session, council members narrowed nine potential locations to two.

“I would eliminate all others except Eva Walker and the WARF (Warrenton Aquatic and Recreation Facility) . . . or if someone wanted to give us two acres,” Bob Kravetz (Ward 4) said.

“I think this is really needed and very important,” said Sunny Reynolds (At-large), who lives near the park. The sound really carries up that hill (at Eva Walker). I think our primary concern should be the residents.”

Quoted from Fauquier Now Article by James Ivancic on January 11, 2018:
Ward 3 council member Brett Hamby said there should be public outreach to find out what citizens think about an amphitheater location.
Rice agreed that no decision on location should be made without engaging the public. She said a consultant could help answer council’s questions about use and economic impact of an amphitheater.

A local arts consultant Professor Debra H. Smyers has prepared this independent survey and will be compiling the results. Ms. Smyers holds a Masters Degree in Arts Management from George Mason University.

If you know someone who does not have computer access and would like to complete this survey, please have them phone: 800-754-4507 to leave a message.

Note that this survey is not asking you to make a choice between the two proposed amphitheater locations. You may choose positive answers to both, one, or none. Comments, suggestions, and new ideas are also encouraged.

Thank you for participating in this survey. Your feedback is important.