MO 500-2953 (01/13)

Please let others know how achieving your certificate of high school equivalency, or GED, has benefited you.

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* 1. Your testimonial could be an inspiration to someone else. Do you give permission to the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and its GED partners to freely share your story with the public?

* 2. Your name and contact info (*required):

* 3. About your GED test:

* 4. Why did you decide to get your GED? Describe in general terms what most influenced you to take this step.

* 5. Did you take a GED preparation course? If so, where?

* 6. Describe your situation before achieving your GED (do not include any specific names).
* What caused you to not complete high school?
* What barriers did you face to getting a job?
* If you were working, were you facing any limitations in the job you had?

* 7. After obtaining your GED, did you continue to postsecondary education or a training program? Why or why not?

* 8. What are you doing now?
Describe your current career situation and your accomplishments since earning your GED.

* 9. Since earning your GED, what difference has it made in your life?

* 10. What advice would you give to a friend who is unsure about whether they should get their GED?

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