* 1. Did you watch "The Pregnancy Project" on Lifetime?

* 2. Do you have children age 18 or younger living in your household?

* 3. Do you have teenagers living in your household?

* 4. Most teens have thought about how a pregnancy would affect their lives.

* 5. Not many teens are having sex.

* 6. Teen pregnancy can happen to anyone.

* 7. Most teen moms don't graduate from high school.

* 8. It is important to talk to teens about how to prevent pregnancy.

* 9. If teens do not use birth control/protection when they have sex, they will probably get pregnant/get someone pregnant.

* 10. How likely are you to talk with your teen about how to avoid getting pregnant/getting someone pregnant as a teen?

* 11. How likely are you to discuss birth control/contraception with your teen?

* 12. Did you read the "Pregnancy Project" Discussion Guide available at www.mylifetime.com?

* 13. Did you use the "Pregnancy Project" Discussion Guide available at www.mylifetime.com to talk with your teen(s) about preventing pregnancy?

* 14. "The Pregnancy Project" helped me start a conversation with my teen about preventing pregnancy.

* 15. Gender

* 16. Which category below includes your age?

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