Info about the Muncie Action Plan (MAP)

The Muncie Action Plan (MAP) is a strategic guide that expresses the values and aspirations of the Muncie, Indiana, community, and creates a compelling agenda for our future.  The first MAP was completed in 2009 and gathered tens of thousands of ideas from 2,200+ Muncie residents on what they want to see improved in the community.  Those ideas were broken into five Task Forces:

1. Linking Learning, Health, & Prosperity
2. Fostering Collaboration
3. Strengthening Pride & Image
4. Creating Attractive & Desirable Places
5. Managing Community Resources 
So much progress was made that in 2013, MAP was updated and MAP2 became a list of the remaining action items from the first MAP that still needed to be worked on.
You can see MAP2 at:

MAP3 is another update for MAP 1 and 2.  We still have some outstanding action items to work on and we'd like to hear your ideas on how to move those forward!  There is a list of the remaining action items on the following pages.

If you participated in the public outreach meetings in February 2018, we ask that you please don't take this survey (it covers the same info we gathered at the February meetings).

* 1. Task Force One action items.

Please give us your ideas for how we can move forward with any of the action items listed below (you can include what's already happening in the community related to these issues):

1. Create an awareness building coalition to promote the importance of education.

2. Develop community-based mentoring programs.

3. Develop an initiative to promote community-based learning for early childhood development.

4. Conduct a community-wide poverty awareness campaign.

5. Create a healthy community initiative.

6. Create a prisoner re-entry program with support from local businesses.

7. What is the best way to reach/connect with families about early brain development and other educational messages?

8. What is missing as a way to best support families in helping to raise their children (when they are young and when they are growing?)

9. What areas of health need to be a focus in Muncie from childhood into adulthood?

10. What resources are needed to encourage adults to volunteer to mentor youth? 

11. 22% of our residents have an associate’s degree or higher, how do we help adults to obtain associates degrees or certifications?