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* 1. 2010 IBAF World Junior Baseball Championship

Scouting Credential Application
July 23rd August 1st 2010

Welcome to the International Baseball Federation’s (IBAF) online media credentialing system.

The system is designed to allow you to request scouting credentials efficiently and in a timely manner.
To request a scouting credential(s) for the 2010 World Junior Baseball Championship, please complete the
appropriate sections below and submit online.

Please submit only ONE application per organization.

Please coordinate your planned coverage of
the tournament and include all requests for credentials on ONE application.

The scouting director
should submit the request as the “Contact” and all other agency employees as “Attendees.”

Credentials are only for accredited scouts assigned to cover the event. They are not intended for spouses, friends and additional staff not on assignment.

No player autographs. Credentialed scouts who engage in this activity are subject to having their credentials taken away and will not receive credentials for future IBAF events.

Fields marked with * are required.

I have read all the contents of this page and agree to these terms. I also confirm that I am authorized to
agree to the IBAF’s scouting guidelines on behalf of my media organization and its employees. *


* 2. By submitting this application, I confirm that:

(1) My organisation and its employees have read and agree to adhere to the 2010 IBAF Credential Regulations in full; understand that my receipt of an IBAF credential is specifically conditioned upon my compliance with such regulations;

(2) Understand that my failure to do so will result in the immediate loss of my and the organizations credential privileges at IBAF events and may result in liability; and understand that the application submission does not guarantee credential approval.

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* 6. Phone Number Including international and regional dialing codes

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* 8. Organization name and website

* 9. Scouting Director name, email and Phone

* 10. Address

* 11. Scouting Credential Requests

You must submit at least one attendee for the application to be complete. Please list all attendees and
their status in the space provided.

* 12. Additional Attendees

You are requested to submit a good quality head shot of all applicants in a digital format (either JPEG or PDF) at masaru.yokoo@ibaf.org and ian.young@ibaf.org Please note that your application process will be complete only after the submission of your head shot.