1. Introduction

Dear Social Justice Fund Members,

We'll be sorry to miss you in person at our 2012 Member Meeting this Sunday, January 22nd, but we'd like to thank you for your input and electronic participation in this process. Your voice is critical to the continued success of SJF, and we are grateful for your perspective.

Below you'll find 3 main questions that will be explored in depth this weekend. Please take a few minutes to submit your responses below, and feel free to contact lynne@socialjusticefund.org with any questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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* 1. What is your name?

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* 2. If your contact information has recently changed, feel free to update it below:

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* 3. Current SJF membership benefits include:

*Participation in the annual member meeting
*Voting on organizational policies and board members
*Going on grantee site visits
*Serving on committees
*Being part of a grassroots movement for social change

What other benefits would you like to see SJF offer its members?

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* 4. Currently, SJF's community is split up into friends and members. Members are donors who contribute $240 or more per year, while friends contribute less than $240 per year. With the recent development and growth of our giving project model, it has been proposed that SJF alter this policy to be more inclusive of donors at all levels of giving.

Giving project participants commit to an intensive process of community building, learning, fundraising and grantmaking for social change. Central to this experience is that donors of all giving levels are recruited for the passion, knowledge and insight they contribute to this process. Giving project members are asked to make a gift at a level that is personally significant for their financial situation, and fundraise from their community to support their project's grantmaking.

As our membership policy currently stands, a giving project member who commits to this process, personally contributes $150 and organizes their network to collectively donate $5,000 is still not considered a member of SJF--despite the overall impact they have made as part of the giving project.

SJF staff and board have proposed to alter our current membership policy to more appropriately reflect the significance of their participation and the value it brings to SJF. It is proposed that SJF retain the $240 membership level, and offer a sliding scale for donors who are unable to afford $240 but still wish to make a gift at a level that is personally significant.

Do you think that SJF should offer a sliding scale for donors who are unable to afford making a $240 annual gift?

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* 5. VOTE:
Below is a slate of new board members for your approval. Please read through their brief bios and vote to approve or disapprove of their participation on the SJF board of directors.

  I approve I disapprove I abstain
Dana Arviso: Based in Seattle, WA. Executive Director of Potlatch Fund and participant in the 2010 Next Generation Giving Project. Joined the board in November, 2010.
Sashya Clark: Based in Seattle, WA. Youth Counselor with King County Juvenile Detention Center, and participant in the 2011 Next Generation Giving Project. Joined the board in November, 2010.
Dina Flores-Brewer: Based in ID. Advocacy Director with DisAbility Rights Idaho. Joined the board in September, 2011.
Esther Handy: Based in Seattle, WA. Legislative Aide for the Seattle City Council, organizer with the Coalition for Anti-Racist Whites, and participant in 2 giving projects. Joined the board in November, 2010.
Jessan Hutchison-Quillian: Based in Seattle, WA. Software Engineer at Google, and participant in 3 Giving Projects. Joined the board in November, 2010.
Emma Moreno: Based in Seattle, WA. Civil Rights Contracts Analyst with the City of Seattle's Department of Finance and Administrative Services, and participant in the LGBTQ Giving Project. Joined the board in November, 2011.
Rich Stolz: Based in Seattle, WA. A Senior Organizer with the Center for Community Change. Joined the board in October, 2011.
Abel Vallardares: Based in Salem, OR. An immigrant and lifelong activist who works with the CAPACES Leadership Institute. Joined the board in November, 2010.

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* 6. Is there anything else you'd like to share with us that wasn't asked?

Thank you so much for taking the time to share your thoughts and vote on these important issues!

If you have any questions at all, feel free to contact lynne@socialjusticefund.org. We look forward to connecting with you again soon!
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