Welcome to the Grant Application for the Long Island Emergency Food and Shelter Program.

Thank you for your interest in the HWCLI Emergency Food and Shelter Program Grant. This application process has two components:

  1. Complete this online application, and
  2. Email the following supplemental documents to efsp@hwcli.com.
    • A brief history of your organization.
    • A brief statement of the emergency needs in your community and a description of the program your agency currently operates to meet these needs.
    • Describe agency’s internal accounting system that will monitor spending in the program.
    • Agency's ability to serve entire jurisdiction (entire county) if providing rent/mortgage/utility payments, food vouchers, food baskets or food pantry on premises.
    • How money spent will be accounted for, in specific terms.
    • Copy of agency’s 501(C)(3) Internal Revenue Service charitable determination.
    • A list of the volunteer Board of Directors, indicating addresses and officers.
    • Operating budget for current and prior year – Breakdown of Revenues and Expenses.
    • Audited Financial Statements – most recent.
    • Form 990 – most recent.

Please read the material carefully and submit all application materials by 5:00PM on Thursday November 17th 

Below are additional criteria and key information pertaining to the EFSP Grant Applications:
  • EFSP funds must supplement CURRENT EMERGENCY feeding, sheltering and rent/mortgage and utility assistance efforts only (startup funding for a new service is prohibited).
  • Eligible programs must serve the entire county jurisdiction. 
  • The information included on the application is required by the EFSP National Board and must be provided to be considered for participation in the program by the Local EFSP Board.
  • All complete applications will be considered at the next meeting of the Oversight Committee and the Local Board. 
  • A notice will be sent to inform agencies of the Local Board's decision. 
  • Criteria for selection are in accordance with the National Board's guidelines and availability of funds.

Thank you for carefully reading the enclosed material. Any questions about your application can be directed to efsp@hwcli.com
** Please note that all fields in this online application are required. Please indicate "N/A" in any fields that are not pertinent to your application. **
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