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1. Please indicate your age range

2. Please indicate your gender

3. What province do you reside in?

4. Please indicate the highest level of education you have completed

5. Please indicate the combined income range of your household (before taxes)

6. Do you have children?

7. Do you have children 18 years or older living at home?

8. Do you usually buy products:

9. Please enter the WIRELESSWAVE location of your purchase

10. Please enter the date of your purchase

11. Please enter the sales associate's name who helped you with your purchase

12. Did you shop at a kiosk or inline store?

13. Was this your first purchase at WIRELESSWAVE?

14. How often did you visit WIRELESSWAVE in the past six months?

15. How many wireless retailers did you visit before WIRELESSWAVE in the past six months?

16. Why did you decide to visit WIRELESSWAVE?

17. Did a sales associate greet you in a prompt and friendly manner when you walked into the store?

18. Did the sales associate seem knowledgeable in answering your questions?

19. Did you feel that the sales associate was efficient with your time during your visit?

20. Did the sales associate recommend products and plans that met your needs?

21. Did the sales associate inform you about the in-store promotions?

22. Did the sales associate inform you about the $25 referral program?

23. Did the sales associate inform you about the PPP?

24. Who did you make the purchase for?

25. When do you plan to purchase another/upgrade your cellphone?

26. How satisfied were you with your overall experience?

27. How likely are you to recommend this store to a friend or relative?

28. Which other stores would you consider visiting for your wireless needs?

29. Please choose the top reason you would visit WIRELESSWAVE

30. Please choose the top reason you would visit a store other than WIRELESSWAVE

31. Please leave your email with us if you'd like to receive any news about promotions, new phone launches, or upgrade opportunities!

32. Thank you for completing this survey! Please describe any improvements we can make for your next visit to this WIRELESSWAVE location

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